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Health Benefits of Wine

You may have heard your doctor mention a time or two, having a glass of wine a day isn’t so bad for you after all. In fact, latest studies have exposed the many health benefits of drinking wine. Findings suggests that wine consumed moderately (specifically of the red varietals) can promote a longer lifespan, improve mental health, provide benefits to the heart and protect against certain cancers. What is considered a moderate consumption of wine, you may ask?

Many factors go into moderate usage such as age, weight and sex. The National Health Service proposes that a large glass (250ML) of a 12% red wine is considered moderate for men and women. Now you may be questioning, what exactly are these health benefits?
1) Reducing the risk of depression
2) Preventing colon cancer
3) Anti-aging
4) Preventing breast cancer
5) Preventing from severe sunburn
6) Preventing blinding disease
7) Damage after stroke
8) Preventing lung cancer
9) Preventing liver disease.

Some things sound too good to be true, luckily this isn’t one of them!
Katie A.