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2012 Merlot Wine Clavey Winery

2012 Merlot


Our 2012 Merlot is a non-traditional medium bodied red wine offering the palate more character with it’s well balanced flavors of fruit and oak. Though very pleasant, this wine is quite simple by design and provides lush textures and tones all year.

Perfectly enjoyed alone or with mild creamy cheeses and cured meats.

White Blend Clavey Wines

2018 Class II White Blend


Our unfiltered and unfined Class II white wine blend, contains 50% Semillion and 50% Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has an aroma of Apple and Pear with an apricot and peach finish. You will enjoy a nice compliment of the earth tones from the Sauvignon Blanc with the fruitful fragrance from the Semillion. Best Serve Chilled.

2018 Rosé Sangiovese Clavey Wine

2018 Rosé Sangiovese


Also from our Sangiovese grapes and made using the Saignee` method , our dry 2018 Rose’ stands a part from our 2015 vintage. Although darker than 15 Rose’ this wine offers mild undertones of cherry and stands exceedingly well on its own. However, if you would like to pair it with a nibble or two, throw your taste buds for a spin using a spicy cheese, sweet marmalade and water cracker.