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Natural, Vegan-Friendly, Sustainable

At Clavey, we blend natural winemaking methods with old world techniques to cultivate the fullest expression in every glass. By not introducing any animal by-products to our vines or wines and by not using any ingredients tested on animals you can have peace of mind and enjoy the many health benefits from our selection of vegan-friendly wines. But don’t worry, even if you are not vegan each of our wines are rich with intricate flavors and full of vibrant color.

The Health Benefits of  Unfined & Unfiltered Wines

Free of Additives & Chemicals
Minimal Processing
Lots of Antioxidants
Lower Levels of Sulphites
Always Environmentally Sustainable
Fresh and Vibrant Flavors


Our Varietals
Natural & Vegan Friendly Clavey Vineyards & Wine