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Decanter or Aerator? A Quick Guide.

To Decant or To Aerate? It’s Pretty Simple.

Whether you have time to spare or no time at all, there are two main ways to expand aromatic profile of your wine and/or soften the tannins. These two methods are known as aerating and decanting! The main difference between the two comes down to how much time you have on your hands.


For those of you who are looking for a quick way to soften your wine in minutes, an aerator will do just the trick! A prime example of an aerator is a Vinturi. This device is held above your glass while you pour wine through the top of the aerator (the wine “breathes” as bubbles are sent through).


For those of you with a little more time on your hands (perhaps you’ve been hankering for a wine party), a decanter is considered your best solution! A decanter is a larger wine vessel that allows the air to mingle with the wine. The wine simply rests in the decanter while it continues to open and change until you are ready to serve it!

Keep in mind that when it comes to very old wines (10+ years), it is best not to use an aerator, but instead transfer the wine to a decanter just prior to service. Remember that at Clavey, whether you’re aerating or decanting, we always wish you the best wine experience!

-Katie A.